Caty Eybert


At the end of her Ballet training at the Conservatoire de Reims (France) and Jazz and Musical Comedy in Paris and New York, Caty is engaged in several companies in France and Italy. She arrives in Switzerland in 1990 and is engaged as a dancer and choreographer in the revues of P. Naftule, Sand PA, F. Hohl and since 2009, with the duo G. Boesch and P. Cohen as assistant to the stage director and as choreographer. In parallel she works on many other productions and, as a choreographic coach, participates in the shows: at the TSR: “La Singing Company” and in France on “Paris Première”: “Pop Job”. Caty taught at Brigitte Matteuzzi, teaches at the Geneva Conservatory and for more than 10 years at Dance Are and Studio des Bains.

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