Alain Gagliardi

FOUNDER / DIRECTOR - Contemporary - Back Gym - Body Balance

Alain completed his initial training with Geraldine Armstrong, Bruno Agati, Deborah Mills, Wayne Barbaste, Alicia de la Fuente, Lola Keraly and especially Corinne Lanselle. After spending two years with the Deborah Mills Company, he taught dance and devoted himself to choreographic staging for Revue Genevoise (1999), for dance parades, galas, dance shows and various competitions. In 2000 and 2013, he chairs the Lyon international competition for young dancers. Independently, he worked as an animator on Télévision Suisse Romande and the channel Léman bleu as presenter of various talk shows. Show host of «La vie, la mort, la coiffure» on Be Curious TV.

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