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Sponsorship for children and teenagers

From January 11 to 29, we will give you to all the students who will bring us a little friend who subscribes from January to June, one of these two small gifts of your choice:

he month of June will be offered to you for the amount of 95.-
A summer workshop during July and August worth 100.-


New Dancehall class with a new recruit: Jazz, whom we are pleased to have join our team and introduce to you.

Dancehall from Thursday January 14 at 19:15

All levels from age 16.


Yoga with Franca Valloton Thurdsdays at 12:30

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School fees are maintained as the professors will be dispensing their lessons. Our school is our whole life, and we cannot afford to suspend schooling during this month of November, as our teachers will be paid to give their classes.

We hope you will find pleasure in continuing to take our classes and we are so happy to be able to see you all in person as soon as possible. Our reception is on on reduced schedule, excuse us if we should be late in our responses.

Kind regards.
The Studio des Bains team

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Your Geneva Dance School

Since 1997, our desire is always the same, to offer a place where dancing is open to all, beginners or advanced, amateur or professional… a mix of different personalities from 4 to 77 years that provide the richness of Studio des Bains! With a pedagogy of excellence, and always curious about what is done today, our teachers, all passionate, take you into their world with enthusiasm and professionalism where “the pleasure of dancing” is a motto, a true transmission.