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Possibility to rent studios: a large studio of 110m2 at 75.-/hour and a smaller one of 50m2 55.- hour. Discounted rates.

Year of the Show

The School Show will take place on June 8 and 9
at the Petit Casino Théâtre, Rue de Carouge in Geneva.



Initiation from age 4

For ages 4 and 6, boys and girls, these classes last 45 minutes. With a varied musical contribution, these courses bring awareness of their body to the children, their functioning, their abilities, their coordination, their listening and their evolution in space. While respecting the universe of the child, the vocabulary of dance is approached as well as improvisation which allow to develop self-confidence and the expression of creativity.


Disinterested in the usual aesthetic trends, this discipline open to all, children and adults, is unique and multiple at the same time. Very rich, it is a break from traditional dance codes which gives it a great freedom. We also owe it true technique on the learning of ground work by the body; an indispensable approach. Constantly updated, it feeds on its time and appropriates existing movements and styles to give them a new dimension, a new form and breathing. Its technique, in perpetual evolution, works the movement of the body, its weight, its relaxation or on the contrary on the muscular tension on our feet as much as on the floor. Rhythms and music are very varied in this discipline. The professor can sometimes, if they wish, leave room for improvisation.


This course is ideal for working the basics of Ballet. It is addressed to a public beginners or Whoever wishes to rediscover the pleasure of the Ballet. Ideal to work flexibility and core strengthening. Fernanda Barbosa, soloist of the Ballet du Grand Théâtre will share with you the passion of this discipline which remains an excellent base for any other type of dance.


The term Jazz appears in 1917 to designate a type of syncopated music, derived from afro-American culture. Gateway between Ballet and Contemporary vocabulary, Jazz Dance harmoniously combines rhythms, styles and techniques deemed irreconcilable, and makes use of the most demanding technique as well as the most authentic feeling. As a means of expression, like all dances, it requires flexibility and good musical perception.

Street Dance

This dance style is directly influenced by a very current mix of pop music and of hip-hop and jazz. Video clip style. Sneakers with clear non-marking soles are required.

Girly Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop dance class for girls... but not only... boys welcome. Sneakers with clear non-marking soles are required.

Barre a terre

This course emphasizes body awareness in the horizontal position. The work is done through several axes: awareness of the skeleton, joint loosening, muscular power, flexibility, breathing, relaxation and well-being.


Pilates is a training method for the body and the mind that requires good mental and physical preparation. This course is open to everyone. Thanks to a set of fluid and coordinated movements based on breathing, the first objective is to "strengthen and lengthen" the muscles to bring the body more balance and flexibility. This while making sure to maintain good posture at all times. Even the simplest exercises are created to target the postural muscles, the deepest of the body. Course without music.

Back Gym

Back pain is treated with muscular exercises and stretching of the spine. This gentle gym class is the most effective long-term remedy for relieving back pain and keeping your back in good health. Back gym is a gentle gym approach to gradually relax and strengthen your back to provide more flexibility, a better hold and a lasting and often total reduction of your pain. It is particularly indicated in the context of chronic back pain, especially those related to long seated positions. This course is conducted by Alain, trained at the Zurich back school, he accompanies you in the re-conquest of a strong back and choice postures with exercises adapted to each participant.


Body Balance

A perfect blend of stretching, yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates inspired movements. We focus less on performance and calories burned but more on the quality of the movements to be executed, as the goal is to find your balance and well-being.

Muscle toning

Fitness work and muscle conditioning with body weight and sometimes also using small accessories


Our monthly fees below are based on an annual rate and spread over ten months taking  into account school holidays and public holidays.

initiation ages 4 to 6

1 weekly  initiation class 85.-
2 weekly initiation classes 160.-

teen and adults

1 weekly class 95.-
2 weekly classes 180.-
3 weekly classes 260.-
4 weekly classes 300.-
5 weekly classes 350.-
6 weekly classes 400.-


Single class 35.-
1 weekly class 110.-
2 weekly classes 190.-

pilates + danse

From the second class see see rates above.
Same rate as two dance classes.

trial class

Deductible if enrollment in the current month
Teen-adult 30.-
Students + Children (7-12) 25.-
Child (4 to 6) 20.-

10 classes card

10 classes card 280.-
10 pilates classes card 300.-

pro dancers

Dancers in activity
10 months (valid 3 months) 160.-
5 classes card (valid 3months) 80.-
1 class 16.

pro artists

Comedians, professional singers
10 classes card (valid 3months) 200.-
5 classes card (valid 3months) 100.-
1 class 20.-

Student rate: 10.- rebate on all our formulas and cards.

Registration fee: 25.- per student or per family.


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Alain Gagliardi


Caty Eybert


Rachel Castan


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 16:30 to 19:30
Wednesday 10:00 to 19:30
Saturday and Sunday are closed

Since 1997, our desire is always the same, to offer a place where dance is open to all, beginners or advanced, amateur or professional … a mix of different personalities from 4 to 77 years that bring the richness of Studio des Bains!

With a pedagogy of excellence, and always curious of today’s trends, our teachers, all passionate, take you into their universe with enthusiasm and professionalism where “the pleasure of dancing” is a motto, a true transmission.

The Back Gym class is my time of the week to relax, focus on my body and finally to remove tensions. In 12 months of practice, I felt the difference with a near disappearance of my pain that was holding me back day after day. I am more flexible and more solid and I was able to resume activities that I had had to stop. Alain constantly renews the exercises and proposes a course in which every detail is thought out. It's now a staple for my personal balance!

Suffering from chronic lumbar back pain

Since age 16 and 9, we share the daily life of an unusual school where atmosphere, conviviality and dynamism mix. Studio des bains is a school that lives with its time and evolves according to the needs of each. It welcomes all generations, competition and judgment are unknown notions here, because the joy, the warmth, the good mood and the flexibility... of mind are the motto of this extraordinary school. With competent teachers and unparalleled professionalism, contact is made naturally, sincere meetings and a passion are united, Studio des Bains is simply a second home. We are proud to be part of this family, to have grown up and matured here and we do not plan to leave it any time soon.

Ysaline and Maurane

Studio des Bains... How to speak about it? A warm atmosphere, you feel at ease with the feeling of being part of a family, a cocoon. No judgment or prejudice, we go there as we are. In this place, dance is above all freedom of expression and a sharing with others. Children are very well supervised, leaving them a part of physical and artistic improvisation which helps to develop self-confidence. One thing in common: The love and passion for dance.

A mother

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Photographie Gregory Batardon