Since its opening in 1997 Studio des Bains (SDB) stands out from other Geneva dance schools with its singular family identity. His first originality was to bring together a team of passionate teachers, who endeavored to join forces and talents to create a space where only the pleasure of dancing counts. Our teachers are for the most part active dancers who perform on stage alongside their teaching.
Our school is not reserved for an elite, whatever your body, your age, you will be welcomed with kindness and oriented towards the course or courses that will suit you.
There are too many schools where classes are overcrowded and thus where the teaching work is less precise, where you are made to understand clearly that you are too big, not flexible enough, etc. At the Studio des Bains, this is banned!
Every other year, we offer a show, students have the choice to participate, it’s a party, the reward of a job, an achievement. However, we take care not to “take hostage” our students by demanding too much of them (studies, professional life should not be sacrificed in any case), every time people thank us for the quality of the show and its organization…
At home, we will not “force” students to take any number of weekly classes and you can catch up with your classes in case of absence, thanks to a system of catch-up vouchers.
All speeches would not be enough to tell you how proud we are to share our enthusiasm. We hope with all our heart that you will have as much fun dancing as we had to create the Studio des Bains.