Agatha Wolf

Tribal Fusion

Agatha Wolf encounters the world of dance at age four, when she starts Ballet. At the age of nine, the melodies of the East and the rhythm of the darbukas call her. Agatha then turns to Oriental Dance and follows the classes of Vivian’Adaya. During these years shea will have the opportunity to perform on stage many times, including with Vivian’Adya’s troupe, Angelis of the Atelier des Anges. In search of her own energy and roots in Oriental Dance, in 2009 Agatha is attracted to Tribal Fusion and develops her own style in 2013. She draws inspiration from her imagination, which is very important in her dance. She creates her own choreographies and her own costumes. Throughout her creations, she discovers and rediscovers her own “tribal” who continues to evolve especially with dancers like Samantha Emanuel or Anasma. Her dance, whose story is just beginning, is inspired by wonderful worlds where it is possible to tame the elements and to travel in music and in the deepest emotions. On haunting melodies filled with energy, Agatha Wolf invites us to travel with her, to go through our emotions and to each discover our own dance.

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