Perla Perlson

House Teens

Perla Perlson is a dancer from Geneva.
Accustomed to the stage, video clips and TV sets, she danced for the first parts of Sean Paul, Big Ali, Zaho, in the video of Disiz La Peste, Konshens and was recently dancer for Black M.
At only 27, Perla has judged more than 60 competitions, has won more than 50 titles, she has been qualified 6x at the « Juste Debout » World Championships and is the only woman to have won the “Best Dancer” title at the Underground Circle in Paris.
Member of the world-renowned French company Wanted Posse (winners of Incroyable Talent France (France’s Got talent), several times world champions, choreographers for Madonna, Justin Timberlake, etc.), Perla is the 3rd woman to join this company.

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