Maroussia Ehrnrooth

Contemporary teens and adults - Modern'Jazz children

Maroussia started dancing at the Conservatoire populaire de Genève and then continued at Studio des bains where she began pre-professional training in Contemporary. In 2008, she joined the formation-company Marchepied (Lausanne) led by Nicolas Pettit and Corinne Rochet.

In parallel to her training in contemporary dance, Maroussia practices Hip-Hop, and more specifically Popping.
Since 2010, she has danced in several companies, the likes of: Pro-creation (Neuchâtel), Continuum (Geneva), Da Motus (Fribourg), Cie Utilité Publique (Lausanne), Cie Aux Pieds Levés (Grenoble), Cie Donsen (Geneva), Co. Obec (Geneva); Cie Å (Grenoble).

Eager to approach teaching, she begins with replacements for children, teenagers and adults. In 2015, Maroussia teaches her own dance classes in different schools and associations. Today, she teaches (Contemporary and Hip-Hop) in the Contemporary Dance section of Applied Arts (Geneva), at ACTIFS and inhabile (Hip-Hop) and at Studio des bains (Contemporary)

Since 2016, Maroussia has been training in art therapy, specializing in movement within the Atelier (Geneva).

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